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Oxford Personalised Medicine Society (OUPM)


The Oxford Personalised Medicine Society (OUPM) serves as a platform for 1000+ students and faculty across all colleges to develop their interests in Personalised Medicine through education and discussion

We explore the benefits and detriments of personalised medicine in the modern-day healthcare provision and encourage interdisciplinary research.


Past events have included coding workshops, mentorship schemes, talks, as well as our annual symposium, where students from across the university come together to engage in discussion and debate on all things personalised medicine.

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Who are we

What is Personalised Medicine?

Personalised medicine is a strategy where medical decisions are tailored to an individual based on their genetic profile and environmental factors. The use of data allows patterns to be identified, which help determine the individual risk of developing a disease and guide doctors in selecting the appropriate medication or therapy. Personalised medicine aims to improve all aspects of healthcare from faster diagnosis based on unique factors of your situation, personalised treatments based on what is most effective for you, and reduced side effects. Some parts of personalised medicine even hope to be predictive, anticipating the development of certain conditions and preventing you from ever becoming ill in the first place. Being an active area of research growing over the last few decades, personalised medicine-based treatments for various diseases including cancers, autoimmune disorders and neurological conditions have emerged. Overall, personalised medicine moves from traditional 'one-size-fits-all' treatment plans to individualised, targeted treatments using the power of diagnostics and advanced analysis. 

Disclaimer: We recognise that there are different definitions of personalised medicine, some of which may include aspects not covered above.

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