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Michael Milad

Hi, I'm Michael, a fifth-year medical student studying at Green Templeton College. We live at a very exciting point when there is an abundance of data on patients. The challenge is translating this into meaningful therapies which will revolutionise treatment. I look forward to working with this incredible committee, to share the work of academics and students in Oxford, and across the world. We will host incredible speakers, fun social events, and career development workshops for students across a range of subjects.

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Ana Sousa Geros

Hi! My name is Ana, and I am a third year DPhil student of Clinical Medicine at the Weatherall 

Institute of Molecular Medicine. I’m very passionate about science and technology, and how scientific progress drives Humanity forward - particularly in the topics of human biology and translational medicine. I believe most drugs and medical treatments available nowadays have evolved at an extraordinary fast pace thanks to the unrelenting scientific community, so it’s a pleasure to work with OUPM in organising and managing events that will shed a light on state-of-the-art scientific methods  employed by the medical sciences. Hopefully, these will be a source of inspiration to our student community! 

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Maximilian Lin


I’m Max, a first-year biomedical sciences student at St. Anne's College!

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Education Co-Director


Bilal Qureshi


Hi everyone! I’m Bilal, a 4th year medic at Somerville! My main interests are around cancer and immunology! 

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Education Co-Director

Marya Sabir


Hello! I’m Marya Sabir and I am a third-year DPhil student in the NIH OxCam scholars program studying the intersection of lysosomal dysfunction, neurodegeneration, and rare diseases. I am passionate about personalized medicine as it represents the best future for patients. I look forward to organizing events that highlight the incredible work being done in this space.

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Co-Editor in Chief of Gene'Zine

Niamh Owens

I'm Niamh, a fifth year medical student at Oriel College. As Co-Editor in Chief, I'm excited to bring innovative and insightful articles alongside Dahria to the student body and beyond. Personalised Medicine provides a wealth of opportunity to explore how we can improve patient outcomes by tailored, individualised treatment across a vast range of specialties. Investigating these advancements through the magazine empowers our writers and our readers with an outlook of Medicine's immediate future! 

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Publicity Officer

Daisy Oliver


Hi, I’m Daisy, a 3rd year Biomedical Sciences student at St Edmund Hall. I’m particularly interested in the applications of personalised medicine for translational cancer research and the development of new targeted therapies with fewer side-effects. I’m really excited to be part of this committee and to make sure that as many people as possible get to hear about all the events we have in store this year! 

In my FHS project this year I’ve been researching the pathology driving asthma in a subset of patients, with the hope that a better understanding will help with the development of new, more personalised treatments. 

I’m also interested in personalised therapeutic cancer vaccines that use the patient’s own immune cells to initiate an anti-tumour immune response. 

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Co-Editor in Chief of Gene'Zine


Dahria Kuyser


Hi, I'm Dahria and I'm a 5th year medical student at LMH. The sheer variety of ways that medicine can be personalised - from targeted cancer therapies to cardiovascular risk stratification - fascinates me, bringing to write and now act as co-chief editor for the society's magazine, The Gene 'Zine. I’m excited to see how personalised medicine will continue to impact patient care across the board going forward!


Webmaster/IT Officer

Zhen Yi Tan

Hi everyone! I'm Zhen, a first year biochemist at Peter's.




Holly Eggington

Hi! I’m Holly, a DPhil student in Cancer Science, studying interaction between cellular compartments in colorectal cancer at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics. I’m also a medical student, passionate about bridging the boundary between laboratory and clinical research, and in the future hope to work as a clinician-scientist in oncology. As a member of the previous committee, I’m excited to continue with all the projects we worked on last year, as well as embark on some exciting new endeavours with this year’s incredible new committee! Plans include coding workshops, career workshops, talks and socials, to name a few. Personalised Medicine is an interdisciplinary, fast evolving field, and I hope to continue the work of OUPM as a platform for education and for sharing of some of the revolutionary advances in the field as a whole, and particularly within Oxford itself.



Gokul Parameswaran

Hey, I’m Gokul and I am a 4th year medical student at Keble College. My main research interest is in neuroscience and the brain, particularly focussing on how neural circuits give rise to complex behaviors. I am really interested in personalised medicine as I think it could fundamentally shift the diagnosis and treatment of almost every medical condition, from cancer to hypertension. Therefore, I’m very excited to continue the incredible work of last year's committee by organising more exciting events to increase interest in personalised medicine across Oxford University!!!



Marie-Josephine Beaubrun


I’m Marie-Jo, your current Treasurer and a third year Biochemistry undergraduate at St Anne’s College. My appreciation for personalised medicine stems from how interesting I find it that DNA can lead to such big differences in the progression and treatment of people with the same disease.


Kay Shigemori


Education Director/Event Coordinator

Michael Milad


Hi, I'm Michael, a fourth year medical student studying at Green Templeton College. We live at a very unique point, where there is an abundance of data on patients that can be used to improve their care and make sure the treatment they receive is ideal for them. I am looking forward to organising events, which highlights the amazing work that has been done, and will be done to personalise healthcare to each and every patient!


Education Officer

Sanskriti Swarup


Hi! I’m a 4th year medical student at Oxford. I decided to get involved with OUPM because I have a big academic interest in cancer, where personalised medicine is becoming especially relevant. With costs falling and research in this area exploding, I believe we are entering the pioneering generation for personalised medicine, which is so exciting! Personalised medicine is our future and I can’t wait up see where it takes us!


Publicity Officer

Jacqueline Murphy


I’m a third year DPhil student in Population Health working on statistical prediction of cardiovascular disease risks. I am interested in the recent advances in personalised medicine and its implementation, in particular the growing research around incorporating genetic information into risk prediction models.

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Webmaster/IT Officer

Kwame Baffour-Awuah

Committee 2020-2021

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Jiyoon Lee

Hi, I’m Jiyoon and I recently graduated from MSc Clinical Embryology. During my BSc, I developed my research interests in the application of precision medicine in cancer immunotherapy and IVF treatment. I look forward to organising exciting events with my fellow committee members this year to spread interest in personalised medicine for all at University of Oxford.

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Roshan Karthikappallil

Hey I'm Roshan - a third year medic at Univ who's interested in the ethical and public health challenges of implementing personalised medicine in the NHS. I'm looking forwards to hosting a range of exciting and provocative speakers to explore how personalised medicine will change the way healthcare is delivered all over the world.

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Kaiyang Song


I'm Kai and I am the Treasurer for the OUPM this year. I'm an undergraduate 3rd year medical student at Merton College and have a particular interest in cancer research and immunotherapy - a topic that ties nicely with personalised medicine. So I will definitely be pushing for us to host a lot of oncology related talks! I'm really looking forward to what this year has in store for OUPM, we've discussed ideas such as a podcast, journal, symposiums which we are all excited to see come to fruition.

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Holly Eggington

Hi! I'm Holly, a DPhil student at St Anne's, currently intercalating on a DPhil in Cancer Science between my 4th and 5th year of medicine. I'm interested in the possibilities personalised medicine and data science hold for the development of specialised therapies to treat resistant cancers, as well as the interdisciplinary nature of personalised medicine as a field. I'm excited to continue the incredible work of last year's committee, and embark on some new projects with this year's committee as well (currently in the works!)


IT Officer

Carla V.



Hi! I’m Carla, a first year DPhil student at St Hugh’s College. My research is a combination between tissue engineering and organ-on-a-chip. Specifically, I’m focusing on microvascular injuries caused by trauma. I’m interested in the applications of personalised medicine in the trauma & orthopaedics field, mainly identifying which treatments work better for specific individuals.


This year, I'm creating and managing OUPM's first website! I’m really excited to be part of this year’s committee and host keynote speakers to discuss the most recent developments in personalised medicine.


Chief Technology Officer

Esther Ng

Esther is an acute medicine registrar at the John Radcliffe hospital. She did her DPhil in statistical genetics and is interested in the application of statistical methods to healthcare data.

Committee 2019-2020

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Mahmoud Summers


Bharat Gummalla


Jojo Zhang

IT Officer

Jerry Lin


Tim Mahajan

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