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Issue 5: MT23


Issue 5: MT23

Coming soon...

Issue 4: HT/TT23

The HT/TT23 edition of the Gene 'Zine features articles on a range of topics from ethics to new technologies. Check out our exciting interview and short story submissions too!


Issue 3: MT22

In the MT22 edition of the Gene 'Zine, you can read a variety of articles on recent advances in organoids, gene therapy, AI, the microbiome and more. Watch out for the poster competition winner!


Issue 2: HT22

In the HT22 edition of the Gene 'Zine, read articles on everything from public engagement to surgery, and a special biopic on the impact of the life of the late Paul Farmer to social aspects of personalised medicine.


Issue 1: MT21

In the MT21 edition of the Gene 'Zine, read articles covering topics from ethics, tech, cancer science, and an exclusive interview with director of the Centre for Personalised Medicine, Anneke Lucassen.

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